Whenever possible (but not necessary) apply Vinyl Graphics indoors in a controlled environment, which will help control temperatures as well as reduce the amount of wind and dust you may have to deal with.

Step 1: Clean the surface
It is very important that all surfaces are clean and free from grit and grease. If you are applying to a dirty surface, the adhesive from the Vinyl Graphic will adhere to the dirt and not the surface itself. There are many cleaning solutions available which will do the job, methylated spirit is what we use.

Step 2: Measuring to level your graphics
Use masking tape to hold your Vinyl Graphic in position while you measure, adjust the position of the Vinyl Graphic until it is straight and level or how you want it. Take time on this stage to ensure your happy with the position of your Vinyl Graphic.

Step 3: Removing the backing paper and applying the Vinyl Graphics
Run a line of masking tape along one edge of the Paper to create a "hinge". Holding the Vinyl Graphic up away from the surface, slowly peel off the backing sheet, a bit at a time if possible. Try to peel about ten inches of backing sheet at a time as you apply. Then using a suitable squeegee, slowly squeegee the Vinyl Graphics to the surface using a fanning motion, pushing along from the centre out to the edge to minimise air bubbles. You should also maintain tension by firmly holding the loose end of the Vinyl Graphic. On very large Sheets, more than one pair of hands may be a good idea.

Step 4: Removing the application paper
Once the Vinyl Graphics are applied, remove the Application Paper by pulling it back on itself at an 180º angle, this is to reduce the risk of pulling the Vinyl Graphic back up. Once you have removed the application paper, ensure that all of the edges of the Graphic are in contact with the surface, any lifting can be pushed back to the surface.

Step 5: Removing any air bubbles
Once the Graphic is firmly stuck to the surface, check for air bubbles. To remove the air use a pin to prick a small hole and then gently push the air out with your finger.

You can now give your Vinyl Graphics a finishing wipe down to remove any marks or glue on the surface.

The adhesive takes about 48hrs to adhere properly so remember to go careful at first, don't wash the areas for about 7 days just to be safe.

If you have any issues fitting please contact us, we are more then happy to help, if you need a part that didn't go well we can manufacture that part for you.

Thank you.